The Library contains book collections from the 18th-20th centuries that come from the abandoned Hospital of San Francesco at Marradi; the Literary Scientific-Paediatric Collection of Prof. Giuseppe Mya dating from the early 1950's; the residue of the books from the library of the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova containing texts that mainly date from 1600-1800; the historic collection of books and magazines from the Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Sciences of the University of Florence, as well as any other texts on the history of medicine and health closely linked to the sphere of Florence and Tuscany, which the Centre continues to purchase so as to create a centre for specialist consultation to support and integrate the number of these specialist books in the city.

The texts - which cannot be borrowed - can be consulted on the Integrated Documentary System Catalogue of the Metropolitan Area (SDIAF - City Council of Florence) and include the historic Collection of Santa Maria Nuova of the 18th-19th century, the Miscellaneous Physical-Medical Collection and the History of Contemporary Health Collection.

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